Welcome to!  My name is Phoenix and it is my absolute pleasure to welcome you to my home away from home.  Whorified’s House of Hustle was built specifically to share and exchange information and inspiration to those looking to embrace and explore their sexual interests in a kink friendly environment.  Sexual confidence and safety are topics near and dear to my fetish-filled heart.  Whether you’re new to this or have years of experience, I’m positive we will find plenty to discuss and explore.

Enhance, Explore, Educate, and Enjoy.  Definite words to live by when you are seeking to live your ultimate sexual fantasies.  I probably spend way too much time and energy learning about other people’s sex lives, or lack thereof.  The lack of confidence and/or experience are a big problem for many people.  It keeps them from going after what they want which in turns leads to frustration and a very unsatisfactory sex life.  That is where I come in.  My main interests and emphasis lie along the kink and alternative lifestyles but I also spend a lot of time involving myself in talking about and promoting sexual confidence and open communication.  It’s safe to say I have a major pre-occupation with sex and the many nuances associated with it.

My own journey began before I even knew there were words for people like me.  Anyone care to venture a guess as to where my own interests lie?  90% of people get this question wrong.  I can completely understand why, but that is for an article all itself.

I’m a masochistic submissive.   If you decide to stick around a while, you are sure to hear me talk incessantly about The Boss, also known as Bane here at Whorified.  He is in charge of keeping me in line and on my toes in whichever way he deems appropriate.  We enjoy each other immensely and we routinely find that our kinky sides mesh together in ways that could probably be considered unholy.  I am one lucky girl and I am convinced that the Sex Gods created us for each other.  Pushing boundaries, exploring, experimenting, and coming up with new and exciting adventures are just some of the ways in which we enjoy each other.  Whorified will undoubtedly be filled with all the work we will have to put in for research and development so that we can share our findings with the readers here.  We’re very dedicated to finding ways to help others enjoy their sex lives as much as we enjoy ours.  *winks*

I find Bane deliciously intimidating in all the right dominant ways.  I absolutely LOVE the power he has over me.  He has the power to make me feel completely content and completely nervous with just a subtle glance.  What more could a girl possibly want?!  Oh yes, absolute mastery and control over my mind, body, and soul.  Submitting to him is just something I cannot help myself from doing.  And, I love every second of it.  I already asked if he would assist me in trying even more new and different things so that I could write about and share any learning experiences here.  My brain was silently screaming “Yayy, more playtime” but I tried to come off as calm, cool and collected so I attributed these experiments to the betterment of Science.  HA!  He knew damn well I just love playing with him but he let me believe I had gotten away with that excuse.  I’m sure I’ll pay for it later but I’m fine with that.  😉


Please, take a look around.  Feel free to ask questions or suggest topics for discussion.  I am here to help and I look forward to sharing, growing, and helping you gain the confidence needed to find your ultimate and true sexual selves.