Kinds of Whores

Kinds of Whores

I probably think way too much about this stuff.  For whatever reason, I got it into my head that there were a great many different types of whores.  And I hope I don’t have to keep saying this, but I don’t use the term “whore” in a negative way ’round here.  Granted, people don’t usually use the word “whore” as a term of endearment, but I’ve been around a few who do.  Aaanyway, I made a list of the whores that I could think of then went and found the best description I could find for each one.  Enjoy.

Whore:  A woman who engages in promiscuous sexual intercourse, usually for money; prostitute; harlot; strumpet.  (

Man Whore/Manwhore:  The male equivalent of “whore.”

Bar Whore:  A stupid drunk ass bitch who goes to the bar strictly to spread her taco (

Wife Whore:  wife who performs amazing sexual feats for her husband, receiving his undying love and admiration as compensation (

Cheating Whore:  A slut that you once called your girlfriend who decides to sleep with someone else (

Cum Whore:  Any person who genuinely enjoys the taste of cum, and likes to get as much of it as possible (

Road Whore:  a girl that waits on the side of the road for boys to pick her up. She has sex with them and sucks their cock.  Alternatively, it apparently also is “a term of endearment used between engineering and technical contract job shoppers. These contract personnel travel from job to job, and typically only take the highest paying jobs; however, these same personnel have no problem with uprooting and driving across the country to work frequent, short duration assignments”  (

Dirty Whore:  The most perverted whore you can find.  (That’s a good thing, right?!) (

Cock Whore:  A cock whore is the ultimate true slut. It doesn’t matter her age or if she’s married, she just can’t get enough hard cock. A cock whore dresses like a slut at all times, letting everyone see her tits, ass and pussy. She doesn’t care about a man’s age, race or if he’s thin or fat, only that he has a hard cock between his legs and that he is willing to stuff one of her holes with it (

Cock Sucking Whore:  A whore who sucks cock, or, from what I could find, a term used to describe someone who seriously pissed you off

Filthy Whore:  “A raunchy skank of a cumdump (m) or (f) who whores out every possible bodily orifice for a ridiculous amount of vociferous and usually heinous eye-popping fucking. Having ones mouth, vagina, anus, ears, glass eye. nose, armpits and quite possibly feet slathered with loads of milky funky spunk. Usually consisting of but not limited to: vagrant’s precious bodily fluids, the football teams cream squirts, a visit by the clergy and or a facial and cumbath by a wispy group of hair dressers all named Philip. These unbridled sperm receptacles are usually chock full o’ various unchecked/untreated STDs.”  (

Cheap Whore:  “1) One who is in the prostitution business who is either bad at their job or charges little for their services

2) Used by a few to describe someone they hate (the person they hate usually being a girl) who can be classified as either a bitch, slut or just plain stupid.”  (

I know this list will inevitably grow, but it really boils down into either a really positive meaning, or a really negative one.  I’m sure we generally hear it used negatively, but behind closed doors, I know many who use it as a term of endearment.  I’ve heard “dirty little whore” used a lot between lovers that enjoy exploring and pushing boundaries.  They have confidence and trust in one another and there is nothing negative implied at all.  On this site, I’m obviously using the term “whore” in a positive sense.

Whorified:  One on the road to sexual confidence and freedom.  Exploring your sexuality and desires with an open and unashamed view and seeking out a partner or partners who are doing the same.  Gaining knowledge and insight into your own psyche while experimenting and trying new things that bring you happiness and ecstasy.  Being bold and confident enough to go after what you desire without being weighed down by negative societal views or shaming.  Being brave enough to verbalize what you want sexually without being embarrassed.  AKA, being a dirty, dirty whore and not giving a shit what anyone says.